Hyde Sails have been making sails for over 40 years. Since the day the company was established, their commitment has been to deliver sails of high performance and impeccable quality with a service to match. Whether you are racing or cruising, in dinghies or in yachts, Hyde Sails have the designers, the technology and the experience to tackle any sail making challenge.

Sail Branding

The development of corporate sailing and commercial sponsorship in sailing has led Hyde Sails to offer a full range of design services to place logos, paintings, or images on to customers' sails. Sail branding is only available for new sails from Hyde Sails.

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Sail Repair and Maintenance

At the End of the Year it is well worth storing your sails properly for the winter lay-up, as even hard wearing modern materials will not take kindly to being left damp, salty, dirty and creased for six months. The main rules are to rinse and dry the sails, then leave them loosely rolled. Wash them if possible - some dirt, like rust, can be corrosive. Once clean store them somewhere dry, cool and out of the sun.

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Sail tuning and development

Design is seen as a crucial factor in maintaining Hyde's position as a leading international sail maker. the talented design team continue to produce race winning sails while developing materials and sailmaking systems in partnership with key supplier.

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