5O5 Sails

Recently Hyde returned to the 505, bringing over 40 years of dinghy sail making experience back to the class. The quality of the new 505 Hyde sails is set to prove our return to dominance within the class.

5O5 Mainsail CODE M07A

Incorporates the current trends seen within the fleet. The bottom batten is pushed out to maximum providing exceptional power and pointing when required. The sail is radial cut and provides a very stable shape that will react to all the sail controls very precisely. The main is made from ODL 04, a Technora laminate, the lightest and most stable material available for dinghies.

5O5 Mainsail CODE M07B

A development of the M07A, the M07B has a reduced luff curve to suit the current trend of stiffer straighter masts being used by the class. Retaining all the key features of then M07A, the sail provides exceptional all round performance. It too is made in ODL04


Developed with a fine entry to give excellent pointing, the sail is both powerful and very user friendly. The JO7A works well with either of the Hyde mainsails. The sail is cross cut and made from Contender 4.52 Polykote and the price includes windows.


Designed to the current long luff rules the sail has a radial base and horizontal upper panels to allow the leeches to exhaust on the close reaches. A development of the S07A, the new sail is slightly fuller in the head offering more power and a greater range of tactical options when sailing angles downwind without sacrificing the ability to close reach or run deep. An excellent sail for all round use, this sail will excel on championship courses. This sail is made from 0.75oz Dynakote.



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